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Cheryl Mortimore

Exercise Physiologist



We are pleased to introduce Cheryl Mortimore, a full-time Exercise Physiologist who has recently joined our Allied Health Team at the Broken Hill GP Super Clinic.


Cheryl has been employed in many different capacities involving fitness and health since 2002, working with both general and special population groups. Cheryl enjoys educating and encouraging others to implement their own lifestyle changes and improvements.


Cheryl has been a Yoga and Pilates Instructor working at East Gosford Physiotherapy since September 2009 to date instructing and motivating small groups with a high regard for patient’s safety and proper technique.


Cheryl welcomes various types of patients including:


·       Patients with Cardio-vascular Disease

·       Patients with Pre-Diabetes (impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glycaemia)

·       Diabetic patients

·       Patients with Osteoporosis

·       Patients with Depression

·       Patients with Cancer

·       Patients with Arthritis

·       COPD Patients

·       Patients with Chronic pain

·       Overweight patients, for weight management/weight loss program

·       Patients with a history of poor exercise maintenance

·       Patients who have had an injury, or who have had an operation, for rehabilitation.


A well-equipped rehabilitation room/gym is available onsite to facilitate the management of these pateints.


If you would like to see Cheryl, please talk to your GP.